Volunteer of the Month

October 2018


At the Greater Sandpoint Chamber of Commerce, our events are essential to the vitality of our operation.  Without the hard work and dedication of our volunteers, the Chamber and our events could not go on.  We want to thank those willing to go above and beyond to help our programs and events be successful.  This month we recognized Selkirk Fire & EMS for their countless volunteer hours at our Chamber events and around the community.

Selkirk Fire & EMS serves and protects approximately 25,000 people in 194 square miles.   Their fire stations are strategically located throughout the service area, ensuring a quick and immediate response to any situation.  Even with the challenges of reaching the rural areas their response is timely.  Their personnel logged approximately 9,461 hours of training in 2017, ensuring their readiness for any situation.

For the Sandpoint Chamber, Selkirk Fire & EMS has provided support at the Scenic Half Marathon for the last 10 years by directing traffic to ensure the runners safety.  They provide security at the annual Beerfest, and direct traffic during the Winter Carnival parade, and countless community events.  “Their assistance is vital to the safety of all of our annual events,” says Chamber President & CEO Kate McAlister.

The Selkirk Fire & EMS department staff is comprised of a Chief, Assistant Chief, an Executive Assistant, 19 Career Firefighters, and 41 Volunteer Firefighters.  The community is served from four full-time staffed stations and five volunteer stations.

Congratulations to Selkirk Fire Rescue & EMS – Volunteer of the Month and thank you for your continued service to our community.

October Volunteer of the Month:  Chamber President and CEO Kate McAlister presents Selkirk Firefighters Timothy Cole & Gwen LeTutour with Volunteer of the Month honor.

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